It's Poll Time!

Everything has been a bit serious in the Mallen camp recently so we decided to shake it up a little and have some fun. We are heading back to one our favourite past times Disney movies! ( yeah thats right! DISNEY movies). We will be covering a track from of our favourite Disney films but putting a slight Mallen twist on it. However as always we couldn't decide between us. So this is where we need YOUR help!


Every band member has chosen a track (their favourite track), just click on the track you would like us to cover the most! 

Thanks for voting!

Which Disney track should Mallen cover?

Make a man out of you - Mulan 16
Let it go - Frozen 30
Zero to Hero - Hercules 7
Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid 22
I wanna be like you - The Jungle Book 11
86 responses